The CFI Youth Transition Program offers Independent Living Services to youth with disabilities who plan to live independently in the community. Individuals age 14-24 with physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, or learning disabilities are encouraged to meet with the Youth Transition Program Manager to see if they qualify for the Youth Transition Program and to determine if they are able to take advantage of the tools necessary for productively working towards the goal of living independently.

Services Available

Independent Living Skills Training

Learn how to use the public transportation system, do benefits planning, manage finances, organize and plan tasks, use adaptive technology and equipment, and become a stronger self-advocate.

Peer Support

Meet every other month for networking. In addition to insight into the civil rights of people with disabilities, the youth transition peer support group offers opportunities for social contact, emotional support, and recreation with other young people with disabilities.

Connection to Resources

Get connected, where appropriate, with other agencies serving youth with disabilities, such as the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Goodwill Industries, ORION, and Community & Home Care. CFI helps connect participants to resources and advocates for them if they are unable to successfully access those resources.