Site Accessibility

Center for Independence is committed to keeping our website accessible and usable to our visitors. CFI strives to create a user-friendly experience for our visitors and to maintain conformance to guidelines and standards on an ongoing basis. If you find site issues, have questions, or even suggestions regarding this site's accessibility, please email us.

Accessibility Features

This site contains numerous accessibility features such as skip navigation links or text resizing that benefits some users. Text resizing, style turn-off, and print-friendly option are located usually at the top left corner of your web browser under "View" and "File." Some web browsers have different set up. My Web My Way - external link offers excellent instructions how to use the browser or to customize your computer settings.

Google Chrome does not have this style turn-off feature built in. Chrome Web Store has downloadable accessibility extensions - external link for this purpose. This particular extension, "PlainClothes", overrides most styles.

Browser Issues

YouTube and Vimeo videos are better viewed in Internet Explorer than other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Internet Explorer is easier to navigate and makes the links noticeable for keyboard users to click on if they wish. Firefox does not work with the videos; the keyboard users will have technical difficulties if they try to navigate the videos.

Site Conformance

Our website has been evaluated and validated in conforming to all guidelines and standards: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 & 1.0, Section 508 Standards, and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Standards.